Why it’s Important to Keep Tabs on your Brand’s Online Image

Tracking and responding to customer complaints isn’t the only reason you need to be checking your company’s online image. Sure, today’s less-than-happy customers—despite you and your employees’ best efforts—are likely to leave a negative review on a business reviews website or tag your social media accounts in a scathing post. But there are other threatsContinue reading “Why it’s Important to Keep Tabs on your Brand’s Online Image”

Are Company Newsletters Worth It?

It usually takes an hour or two to put together a good company newsletter, not including the time required to build a template and review each newsletter before it goes out. Is the time spent on newsletters worth it? While many may view newsletters as non-essential communications exercises, a company newsletter often is an invaluableContinue reading “Are Company Newsletters Worth It?”

Free resources for new entrepreneurs

One of the most challenging parts of starting a business is figuring out what business-to-business products and services are worth spending money on. Whether you have plenty of cash on hand when you open your doors or are starting up with just the money in your piggy bank, it’s tough to justify spending money onContinue reading “Free resources for new entrepreneurs”

PR isn’t just for external audiences

When you think of public relations, images of a person speaking in front of throngs of reporters, writing a press release or brainstorming the next great social media strategy may come to mind. All three of those images are examples of what communications professionals do, but PR isn’t just about communicating with the media or the general public. Communications professionals also can help business managersContinue reading “PR isn’t just for external audiences”

How does PR fit into a business plan?

When entrepreneurs or business managers sit down to write or update a business plan, a slew of topics likely comes to mind, such as industry analysis, budgeting and SWOT analyses. Public relations and marketing communications may not be among them–but they should be. Using effective, data-driven public relations and marketing communications strategies is one ofContinue reading “How does PR fit into a business plan?”

Does every business need to be on social media?

By Michael Marino, Owner/Principal of Marino Communications Some might argue that every business needs to be on several social media platforms for maximum visibility. Others may argue that only businesses targeting certain demographics need to have a professional social media presence. In our opinion, the truth is not so simple, and is somewhere in between.Continue reading “Does every business need to be on social media?”

Which social media platforms are a must for professional motor sports?

Photo courtesy of BrockImaging, used with permission.   Author: Michael Marino, Owner/Principal, Marino Communications Although many motor sports competitors and teams understand that they need a social media presence, it is often less clear which social media platforms they need to be on. Maintaining a professional presence on any social media platform is time consuming.Continue reading “Which social media platforms are a must for professional motor sports?”

Why I opened Marino Communications

By Michael Marino, Owner/Principal of Marino Communications Why would someone with a bachelor’s degree in political science, master’s degrees in urban planning and history, and three years of experience working in environmental due diligence open a communications firm? That does not sound right, does it? A little over a year ago, that would have soundedContinue reading “Why I opened Marino Communications”