Marino Communications is a public relations firm serving small businesses, nonprofits, and the motorsports community. We provide our clients with comprehensive digital marketing and media relations solutions that support and advance our clients’ business goals and objectives.

Our small business and nonprofit service lines provide our clients with a strategic marketing advantage over their competitors. Our solutions allow our clients to enjoy a professionally built or managed social media presence that will impress potential customers, improve advertising return on investment (ROI), and strengthen clients’ brands.

Our motorsports service lines provide motorsports teams, riders, and sponsors with professional media representation that increases the audience of our clients’ on-track success. Our services increase sponsors’ ROI and help teams and riders attract additional sponsorship.

Please visit our FAQ section to learn more about the nature, scope, and value of our services. Additionally, please visit our blog and follow us on social media to get breaking news about our clients, as well as the latest news on our services and successes. If you still have unanswered questions, please feel free to contact us.