Anthony overcomes on-track challenges to score two top-10 finishes at MotoAmerica Championship of Utah

Attack Performance / Herrin Compound rider not rattled by front brake problems or being forced off track


July 25, 2018

GRANTSVILLE, Utah — Gavin Anthony’s results in the MotoAmerica Junior Cup races at Utah Motorsports Campus July 20-22 are not indicative of how hard and how smart he rode. Anthony maintained a good pace in the last two laps of his first race at the Championship of Utah despite losing his front brakes. The next day he salvaged a second top-10 finish despite being forced off track and falling back to last place on the first lap.

Photo credit: BrockImaging

Anthony’s pace increased as the weekend progressed. He moved up from 10th-fastest in the Junior Cup Class’ first practice session on Friday to narrowly missing out on the pole position in qualifying. He got a good start in Saturday’s Race 1 and was battling for the race lead. Late in the race, Anthony ran over a rumble strip on the outside of the track that unsettled his Yamaha YZF-R3’s front brake pads. He was not fazed and rode as hard as he could despite the brake problems and was able to salvage a ninth-place finish. In Sunday’s Race 2, Anthony got another good start but was forced off-track by another rider on the first lap at Turn 2. He fell back to several seconds behind the last-place rider but was not about to give up. He pushed hard for the remainder of the race and passed about 14 riders to take home his second ninth-place finish of the weekend.

The MotoAmerica Junior Cup will return to action Aug. 10-12 at Sonoma Raceway.

Photo credit: BrockImaging

Gavin Anthony / #76

“The weekend started off well for us. I was able to run behind one of the other front runners in qualifying and scored a front-row start for the weekend’s races. I was feeling confident and got a good start in Race 1. It was an intense battle at the front. A couple guys got away from me and as I was pushing to catch back up to them when I had a tank-slapper that unsettled by front brakes. I had to ride the bike with very little brake pressure up front and finished in ninth place. I went into Sunday’s race hoping the brake problems had been sorted and got another good start. Unfortunately, as I entered Turn 2 I got pushed off line and ran off track. I had to let everyone by before I could rejoin the race safely and was about 5-10 seconds behind when I did. I just pushed as hard as I could the rest of the race and went from 25th place to ninth-place in eight laps. I want to thank my team for giving me a great bike this weekend and I am looking forward to racing at Sonoma Raceway next. We have some updates coming for our Yamaha R3 and I think Sonoma’s tight, twisty layout will really suit our bike.”

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