Gavin Anthony top-finishing Yamaha rider for third MotoAmerica Junior Cup race in a row

Attack Performance Herrin Compound rider moves up to fourth-place in class championship standings Saturday at Dunlop Championship of Road America

June 3, 2018

ELKHART LAKE, Wis. — One of the best parts of racing are race-long battles for a podium or win. For Attack Performance Herrin Compound rider Gavin Anthony, Saturday’s MotoAmerica Junior Cup race at Road America saw him engage in a four-way, race-long battle for the podium.


Photo credit: BrockImaging


Anthony had his work cut out for him at the beginning of the race. Starting from ninth-place on the grid, Anthony got a good start but missed a shift heading toward Road America’s long front straight into Turn 1. Anthony quickly recovered and raced his way up to fourth-place at the end of Lap 2. Anthony found himself battling the rest of the race with three other riders for the last spot on the podium. The battle was intense as the riders used the draft and different racing lines to aggressively make passes or defend their position. In the end, Anthony narrowly missed out on the podium but beat the other Yamaha riders to the finish line. Anthony was the top-finishing Yamaha rider in the MotoAmerica Junior Class for the third-consecutive race. Anthony’s finish moved him up from fifth-place to fourth-place in the class’ points chase.

Anthony will look to make his way onto the podium or better when the MotoAmerica Junior Cup returns to Road America’s long straights and iconic corners on Sunday.


Photo credit: BrockImaging


Gavin Anthony / #76
“I made a good start and was able to recover quickly from a missed shift heading toward Turn 1. I was able to get by a few riders heading into Turn 3 and Turn 5 and made a hard charge toward the front. I made my way up to the battle for third and couldn’t quite get myself up onto the podium. I rode my heart out today and I feel we did the best we could out on track. It was great to be the top-finishing Yamaha again, and I looking forward to getting myself onto the podium or even a win in Sunday’s race.”

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