Marino Communications provides public relations and digital marketing solutions to small businesses, nonprofits, and motorsports teams. Our success is derived from our individualized, creative, and comprehensive approach, as well as our commitment to being accessible to our clients.


To make our clients’ goals, aspirations, products, services, and successes known the world over.


Marino Communications is committed to providing its clients with services that are high-quality, individualized, and trustworthy. We recognize that there is an inherent level of trust required in our profession, and that our clients are relying on us to accurately and effectively communicate with their audiences. We understand that many of our clients are entrusting us with furthering their personal goals, dreams, and aspirations, and we pledge to provide services that support and advance our clients’ endeavors.

Ethical Behavior

We recognize the negative stereotype that the public relations industry has earned, and commit ourselves to following a strict moral compass. Unethical behavior not only brings a tremendous amount of risk to the reputation of our firm, but also to our clients. We recognize that our clients are often entrusting us with the security and viability of their brand, which is directly tied to their dreams and aspirations. We, as a company, unconditionally commit ourselves to only the utmost ethical behavior. It is far better to face a bad situation with the truth than to avoid confrontation and accountability with a lie. All lies fail eventually. We would be doing our clients a serious disservice by putting them in a compromised public relations situation because we were not forthright with them, their stakeholders, the media, and the public. We pledge to help our clients tell their side of their story and share their unique perspective without the use of deceitful or disingenuous communications practices.

Comprehensive Approach

Our success is found in our moral compass, as well as our unique comprehensive approach. At Marino Communications our work is designed with the broader goals and aspirations of our clients in mind. We do not simply help our clients achieve the goals they ask us to, we help them achieve as many of them as we can. We take the time to get to know our clients’ business needs, and develop our communications solutions to assist our clients’ broader visions for their companies and brands. We do not simply help our clients convey a message to the public. Instead, we help our clients develop methods that fully convince the public of the validity and soundness of our clients’ message, as well as develop ways our clients’ can implement that message within their business activities. We use our broad knowledge base to help our clients’ message resonate with as many people on as deep a level as possible.

Commitment to Continuous Improvement

We recognize that public relations is an ever-changing, evolving field. As such, we recognize the need for our company to continuously improve itself, as well as continually review and revise our methods. Even with the explosion of information the average American views daily, there is still not nearly enough space for every company or individual to get their message out. It is therefore a competition to capture the attention and spark the imagination of the masses. At Marino Communications we thrive on this environment and utilize our wide knowledge base, our command of print and digital communications techniques, and our sense of innovation to effectively convey our clients’ message.


Michael C. Marino, MUP, MA – Owner/Principal

  • A.S. Liberal Arts, Monroe Community College, Rochester, NY (June 2005)
  • B.A. Political Science, SUNY Buffalo, Buffalo, NY (May 2007)
  • M.U.P. Urban and Regional Planning, SUNY Buffalo, Buffalo, NY (Mary 2010)
  • M.A. History w/ Applied History Concentration, Youngstown State University, Youngstown, OH (August 2017)
  • Two years of social media management experience
  • 10+ years of customer service work experience
  • Road Racing Reporter, iHeart Media’s Two Wheel Power Hour Motorcycle Show (January 2016 – January 2018)
  • AMA EAGLES volunteer
  • 100,000+ miles of on-road motorcycle riding experience